The RGO-78 hand grenade is intended for use against enemy manpower in a defensive fight through its high-explosive fragmentation effect and the fragments that form upon destruction of its metal body. It is a time effect type grenade with “time” meaning that the grenade will explode within a certain time (3,2s….4,0s) after throwing no matter what the other conditions are. “Effect” meaning that the fragments of the grenade have a relatively small weight and fly at a distance shorter than the possible throwing distance.


Technical data

Diameter, mm 61
Height, mm 95
Weight, kg 0,445
Type of fuze DVM
Activation time after pulling out the protection plug, s 3,2 до 4,2
Effective destruction range, m 25
Range of fragments destruction, m 50
Weight of explosive (TNT), kg 0,088
Operational temperature, °C - 50…+ 50
Average throwing range, m 50
 Safe drop height, m  3



Overall dimensions, mm  495x312x158
20 Grenades in a wooden case
Gross weight, kg 17