152 mm HE-FRAG PRACTICE ROUND – full charge

The 152 mm HE-FRAG practice round is a separate loading munition. It is a live round with a practice warhead and is used for training of personnel and target firing exercise with hits indication.
The practice round possesses the same overall dimensions, weight and ballistic characteristics as the live ammunition.
The use of practice rounds preserves the practice targets at firing ranges, reduces the risk of fire and increases the safety while conducting demonstrative and training firing.


Technical data

Grenade weight, kg 43,560
Charge weight, kg 16,360
Type of charge Full
Muzzle velocity, m/s 655
Maximum range,  m 17420
Safe operational temperature rangeе, ° C -40…50


Dimensions, mm 835x488x280
1 round in a wooden case
Gross weight, kg 83