The 82mm round with thermobaric bomb for all types of 82mm caliber mortars
is intended for use against enemy manpower located in the open, in urban type
shelters, fortifications, difficult to access areas and vehicles.
It possesses strong destructive force resulting from the implemented polymeric
thermobaric mixture and disrupts the combat activities of the enemy, thus
reducing the number of civilian casualties to a minimum.
The generated upon detonation overpressure is 50 KPa in a radius of no less
than 7m in the open or in enclosed space with a volume of 240m3.
The temperature rises to over 800°C.
The fragmentation effect exceeds the fragmentation effect of conventional
82mm high-explosive fragmentation bombs by 40 to 60 percent in the open
and by over 200 percent in enclosed spaces.


Technical data

Caliber, mm 82
Length of fuzed round, max, mm 330
Weight of the round, kg 3,20
Armament PTBS
Weight of explosive charge, kg 0,54
Muzzle velocity, max, m/sec 211
Maximum range, m 3130
Fuze O-4N



8 rounds in a wooden case
Overall dimensions, mm              440х425х270
Gross weight, kg                            58