122 mm M-21OF-M ROCKET

The 122 mm rocket with prefabricated fragments is designed for destroying mortars, field and rocket artillery and motorized units, defeating manpower and enemy firepower in entrenchments and trenches, destroying communication lines, strongpoints and field defense constructions, making passages in defense wirings and outlook posts, destroying enemy`s back  areas (railway junctions, headquarters, concentrated military forces) and large-area simultaneous destruction of group targets through volley fire.


Technical data

Weight of rocket, kg 66,180
Maximum range, m 20127
Maximum velocity, m/s 690
Spoiler rings small and big one
 Damage area per rocket, m2
- one round against unarmoured vehicles, m2 : 685 - one round against manpower, m2:750
 - one round against light armoured vehicles, m2   605
Safe operational temperature range, °C -40…50



Dimensions, mm 2807х280х252
1 rocket in a case
Gross weight, kg 100