The O-4M fuze is intended for use on 82 mm fragmentation mortar bombs fired from the BM82, 2B14, and for use on the OG-7 fragmentation grenade for the RPG-7V. It serves to detonate the warhead on impact with the target. The fuze is a nose impact type with two settings – for instantaneous (fragmentation) and inertial (HE) action, semi-boresafe, with distant arming.


Technical data

Type: Mechanical
Weight, kg 0,183
Arming distance, m
- with OG-7 grenade ≥3…25
- with mortar bomb ≥3
Safe drop height, m
- in a mortar bomb 2,5
- in a grenade 2
Fixing thread Sp 36,18×10 turns in 1″
Safe operational temperature range, °C -40…50