ETD Fuze

The ETD is a fuze with wireless input of the time of delay. It is designed to be used on mortar rounds of calibers 82 mmand 120 mm in smoke and illumination applications.

The preset time of delay can range from 2 up to 99.9 s (in 0.1 s increments).  Its value is saved in a read-only memory, which is capable of multiple reprogramming.

The programmer has a LED display for visualizing the time of delay, and a light-emitting diode to indicate the successful memorizing.

In accordance withSTANAG 4187, an inertial mechanism and a linear acceleration sensor provide arming at a safe distance.


Technical data


Arming distance, m > 70
Weight of fuze, kg 0,315 ± 0,030
Safe operational temperature range, Сº
Shelf life, years 10