The V-RМ fuze is intended for use on 120 mm mortar bombs.
This fuze is a nose impact type with three settings – for instantaneous (fragmentation),
inertial (HE), and delay action, with distant arming and a boresafe explosive train.
A design element is introduced for manual activation of the fuze safety feature with a view to increase
the safety in handling – during transportation, loading-unloading operations, after accidental dropping,
and during airborne landing up to the moment of firing the ammunition.
The V-RM fuze coming with ammunition packed in cases, is safe in handling, during transportation
and after accidental dropping from a height of 12 m in any orientation.


Technical data

Type mechanical
Weight of fuze, kg 0,440
Safety arming distance, m  3
Safe drop height, m 5
Fixing thread, mm Sp 36,18х10tpi
Temperature range, Сº  -40…50