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The UAR-80TB unguided aircraft rocket is intended for use against different types of targets located in pits, trenches, defiles, caves and other shelters, and against enemy personnel as well. The rocket\’s warhead is filled with a fuel-air detonating mixture. The rocket part\’s design is the same as that of the S-8КОМ rocket. The rocket is fitted with a FTM-1 fuze.The fuze is a base piezoelectric type. Fire is delivered from B-8М1; B-8V20А; B-8V7 types launcher pods carried on aircraft and helocopters. Aircraft: Su-24; Su-25; Su-27; Su-27К; MiG-27; MiG-29. Helicopters: Mi-8; Mi-24;Mi-28; Ка-252; Ка-50.

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Caliber, mm 80
Rocket length, mm 1670
Weight of rocket, kg 11,600
Weight of warhead, kg 3,800 ( 4,000 )
Weight of mixture, kg 2,400
Release range, m 1300-4000
Combat effectiveness 6 – 7 kg TNT equivalent
Rocket velocity, m/s 590
Operational temperature range, ºС -60 … 60
Time of powered flight, s 0,5 … 1,2
Aircraft speed range on rocket’s operational use, m/s 166 … 330


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