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122mm round with smoke grenade – reduced charge

The smoke artillery rounds are meant for vertical cloaking and glaring smoke screens, further more for target marking and signalling the location of the battlefield. The smoke artillery rounds can be used in both daytime and nighttime. During the night they provide the troops and the logistics sights with cloaking protection from the enemy observation, with the help of night vision devises and means of artificial illumination.



Weight of  round, kg27,930
Weight of smoke composition. kg2,00
Weight of reduced variable charge, kg6.435
Muzzle velocity, m/s565
Maximum range, m12 500
Minimum arming distance, m 50
Smoke formation time, min2-5
Dimensions of smoke screen – height, length and width, m10/50/10
Safe operational temperature range, oC-40…50


Dimensions, mm1185х430х255
2 rounds in a wooden case 
Gross weight, kg80

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